Ocean Gate Co-Founder’s Bold Plan: A Thriving 1,000-People Venus Colony by 2050!

Guillermo Söhnlein, a visionary co-founder of OceanGate, is now setting his sights on an extraordinary ambition: to create a floating colony on Venus capable of accommodating a thousand individuals by the year 2050. Despite recent challenges, including an infamous submersible incident, Söhnlein's passion for advancing humanity as a multi-planet species has been deeply ingrained since his early years, when...

China’s new hyperloop train completes first test runs successfully (Speed: 1000 Km/hr)

The hyperloop aims to achieve speeds of 1,000 km/hr or more, making it the world's fastest ground-based transport technology.

Empowering Agriculture in the Western U.S. through Dry Farming in the Era of Climate Change

Dry farming is often misunderstood as growing crops without water, but in reality, it involves relying on moisture stored in the ground rather than irrigation.