In a groundbreaking move for cancer care in Israel, the Hadassah-University Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem has collaborated with Roche-Israel, a leading pharmaceutical company, and Roche’s affiliate in Massachusetts, Foundation Medicine. Israel advances cancer treatment with genomic profiling. This landmark partnership marks the first integrated model for personalized cancer treatment based on genomic profiling in the country.

The Pioneering Collaboration

Under this historic collaboration, Hadassah will introduce an integrated model of genomic profiling tests for oncology patients. These tests, driven by cutting-edge molecular and bioinformatics technologies, are set to revolutionize cancer treatment by enabling precise, disease-targeted interventions at every stage. Prof. Yoram Weiss, Director-General of the Hadassah Medical Organization, expressed excitement about the potential of this integrated model: “Implementing the integrated model will allow us to provide patients with the most advanced and innovative diagnostic tests for cancer.”

Genomic Profiling for Precision Diagnosis

As part of this partnership, Hadassah patients will have access to comprehensive genomic profiling tests, enhancing the accuracy of cancer diagnosis. This includes using the AVENIO kit for solid tumour diagnostics and Foundation Medicine tests, which will be processed in laboratories abroad. Israel advances cancer treatment with genomic profiling. Netanel Amichai, Director-General of Roche Diagnostics Israel, and Avi Danziger, Head of Roche Pharmaceuticals Israel, noted, “The collaboration with Hadassah is the fulfillment of the Roche group’s vision in the field of personalized medicine and making these tools accessible to medical centers in Israel.”

Advancing Science and Research

Prof. Eli Pikarsky, Director of Hadassah’s pathology department, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Analyzing a large dataset will allow us a deeper understanding of each patient, the disease, and the treatment.” This initiative will expand the accessibility of genomic profiling beyond advanced-stage or treatment-resistant patients, benefiting a wider range of cancer patients.

A New Era of Cancer Care

Prof. Aharon Popovtzer, Director of Hadassah’s Sharett Institute of Oncology, emphasized the immediate impact on patient care: “We are proud to provide cancer patients with the best molecular characterization and are convinced that it will immediately lead to an improvement in the quality of treatment for many patients”. Comprehensive genomic profiling tests enable the identification of all types of genomic alterations within a tumor, shedding light on the intricate mechanisms of cancer development and growth. This precision in diagnosis empowers physicians to tailor treatments to individual patients, optimizing outcomes while minimizing unnecessary interventions.

Hadassah Medical Center’s pioneering agreement with Roche solidifies its status as a global leader in the pursuit of personalized cancer care, setting a precedent that promises to transform the landscape of cancer treatment in Israel and beyond.

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